My name is  Steve Styles and I am a full-time Tattooer and Artist at The Iron Dahlia Tattoo Lounge who specializes in creating dynamic and beautiful custom pieces that are intended to stand the test of time.


I have been in the field for nearly all my life, and I credit my father with the privilege to pursue a career in this medium as I was given the opportunity to do my first tattoo at only 12 years old (1998). I have traveled frequently around America and to Europe as well, to work conventions and to guest spot at shops whenever the opportunity presents itself. I particularly enjoy doing large scale pieces, i.e. whole sleeves, back pieces, torsos, and anything in between. I have a distinct proclivity towards script as well,  and I enjoy  using geometry to ornament tattoos. I tend to be drawn to specific iconography from both Japanese mythology and American Traditional but I’m also open to try something new and I’m ready for any challenge.

I truly appreciate all the recognition I’ve received and I thank you for all you support.


- Steve

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